Our shop is in advance reservation system. Please note that we may not be able to respond to your voice as soon as possible. Please tell us your name, telephone number, date of use, place of use or station name / model name by telephone. Once you deposit, we will check if you can guide us as requested, we will contact you as soon as possible. Please wait at the time and place you promised when you are done. We will give you a call if the model arrives. It will start counting after checking in the hotel. We do not count travel time from meeting place. Please give the fee directly to the woman, the staff will not ask you. Transportation costs are included in the course price. However, if the start is after 21 o'clock, a separate transportation fee will be charged.

  • Opening hours; 12:00~LAST
  • Telephone reception hours; 11:00~24:00
  • ∗If you booking by the day before, We will be able to accept from 10:00. Open year round.

    080–5454–4566  Int;+81–80–5454–4566

  • Service area
  • City hotel limited only within the Yamanote line. Outcall only.

  • Rates
  • Admission fee, nomination fee, transportation fee free.
    ∗ If the start is after 21 o'clock, or in the case of home delivery, we will charge a taxi fare cost for returning from Roppongi.
    If you wish to extend, we will respond by course change. When you meet, please tell us so.
    ∗We may not be able to accept course changes due to the balance of previous appointment, please understand in advance.



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