Terms of servicev

In order to properly use it for customers, we have established the following usage rules. Please allow us to use it after agreeing to this agreement. Use only for customers who have agreed to this agreement. You agree to these terms at the time you receive your reservation.

Article 1 Observance of basic matters

We ask customers for compliance with laws and ordinances, public order and morals, social wisdom, general manners of Internet use, morals and rules.

Prohibited matter

The applicant does not perform the following acts in using this service. (Including acts on the Internet.) We will take legal action if we deem it necessary by an advising lawyer.
  1. Actions that violate laws, ordinances, ordinances, public order and morals, acts that cause trouble or damage to others, acts of interfering with the operation of this service, acts of damaging the credibility of Blondie Roppongi, or violating, obstructing, or destroying them.
  2. Acts of infringing or intending to infringe intellectual property rights such as goodwill, copyright, trademark right, intellectual property rights, property, privacy, portrait rights and other rights of Blondie Roppongi and third parties.
  3. Act to discriminate against or slander a third party, or to honor the honor or credibility of others.

Suspension of Use

Blondie Roppongi shall be able to reject the applicant for use if the applicant who wishes to use this service falls under the above or the following reasons.
  1. A minor, an adult ward, a curated person or an assistant. When there is a reason to refuse other use.
  2. Persons who have been suspended due to violation of the rules or troubles in the past.
In the event that the user falls under the following conditions, Blondie Roppongi shall be able to suspend the use of this service without giving notice or demand in advance.
  1. In the event that a violation of this Agreement is found.
  2. When judging that use by customers is detrimental to our shop.

Article 2 Principle of self-responsibility

  1. In using the service by the customer, the customer assumes the responsibility for all the actions and results that he has done himself.
  2. nquiries from third parties concerning the use of this service, if we receive complaints, we will process and resolve them with our own responsibility and costs.
  3. In the event that you give damages to Blondie Roppongi or a third party except in the case of blistering Robervi's negligence (Third party or Blondie Roppongi due to the customer not fulfilling the obligations under these Terms Including cases where you suffered damage.) We will indemnify the damage with our own responsibility and costs.

Article 3 Disclaimer

  1. Blondie Roppongi shall be able to revise, supplement or change these Terms if it deems it necessary.
  2. Blondie Roppongi may suspend the operation of this service temporarily without notice in advance if any of the following events occur.
    ● In case of maintenance of facilities for this service.
    ● When the service can not be provided due to fire, blackout, natural disaster etc.
  3. Blondie Roppongi is liable for damages caused to customers or others by the delay or interruption of the provision of this service, and damage caused by violation of the customer's own rules, except in the case of Blondie Roppongi's negligence Shall not.

Article 4 Treatment of personal information

  1. Blondie Roppongi includes information (such as provider information, IP address, cookie access record, e-mail address, telephone number) that can identify or specify individuals received from customers through transactions based on this service, hereinafter referred to as "personal information" ) And information on transaction history (hereinafter referred to as "transaction information") shall not be used for any purpose other than the purpose of providing this service.
  2. Blondie Roppongi will not disclose customers' personal / transaction information to public institutions and third parties.
  3. Blondie Roppongi shall not store customer's personal / transaction information. In order to provide smooth service, in order to provide smooth service, we will not leak to third parties about personal information you temporarily stored, except in the cases specified above, in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law, in order to strengthen management, storage and security I will try.

Article 5 Governing Law, Jurisdiction

In the event of the need for litigation, the competent court shall be the Tokyo District Court. The law is Japanese law.

Revision in 2006 Obligatory matter obligated to display registration of the new draft law

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Article 31-2 of the New Act Article 1 provision of paragraph 1 Public Safety Commission Confirmation Date June 9, 2006.